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Change Your Life Today And Switch To Electronic Cigarettes

There are so many reasons to switch from traditional cigarettes to E-cigarettes. It is not just for your health – it is for your finances too. You can feel the difference as soon as you have made the right decision. So here are the Top 10 reasons that E-cigarettes are the best option for smokers.

Electronic cigarette benefits

1. Cheaper – This is a really significant advantage, because you can save save hundreds or even thousands per year. E-cigarettes are a lot less expensive than regular cigarettes – you can save around £5 per pack! Let’s do the maths: A pack of cigarettes normally costs around £7. One electronic cartridge is the equivalent of almost a full pack and only costs around £2. Isn’t that great? So this means that we can save around £5 per pack!

2. Healthier – Experience improved health without all the carcinogens and other toxins! Normal cigarettes contain over 4000 harmful ingredients which aren’t found in E-cigarettes! You will feel better and healthier!

3. Extremely easy to use – Another important benefit. Electronic cigarettes are simple to use – just flick a switch and enjoy! Refilling electronic cigarettes is also very straightforward.

4. No smoke – E-cigarettes do not emit smoke but give off only water vapour. What could be better than smoking without the actual smoke?

5. No second-hand smoke – No more worries about second-hand smoke, which is dangerous to the non-smokers around you. Electronic cigarettes do not produceany smoke at all, meaning your children and family can now stay safe while you smoke.

6. Great flavour – There are loads of flavour options available when it comes to refilling electronic cigarettes. You can purchase regular tobacco flavours or try more exciting flavours such as coffee, vanilla, or many others.

7. No smell – At last, you can forget about your hair and clothes carrying that stale tobacco odour, because you only exhale water vapour when using an electronic cigarette.

8. Lower fire risk – Since electronic cigarettes do not require any flame or have a lit end, there is much less possibility of causing a fire.

9. Smoke whenever and wherever you like – E-cigarettes can be enjoyed in many public places where smoking is normally banned, such as theaters and restaurants, since they do not produce second-hand smoke.

10. No more yellow teeth – Electronic cigarettes do not damage your teeth, so you can finally get your movie star smile back.

As you can see, there are many powerful reasons to make the switch to electronic cigarettes. So what are you waiting for? Buy your E-cigarette now!

V2 Cigs vs Green Smoke – Which Is The Best E-cig Brand?

The battle between V2 Cigs and Green Smoke is like the battle of the titrans

When it comes to making a start in the world of electronic cigarettes there are a number of products that will come to your attention if you do a search. Two of the big names that will appear are V2 and Green Smoke. There are basic similarities between each of these brands, such as maintaining the cigarette size and shape to facilitate the psychological benefits, but there are some practical differences that may affect which of these brands that you decide to choose from.
V2 vs. Green Smoke nicotine content

When switching from regular tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes you will probably want to start off with cigarettes that most closely mimic what you have just switched away from to give you the best chance of staying off the tobacco. Obviously the health benefits of switching away from tobacco with its 4000 chemicals in the smoke that is produced when is burned, will be significant no matter which product is chosen, however for those who are used to very strong cigarettes, then V2 may not provide products that are strong enough to satisfy your requirements. V2 do offer electronic cigarettes with four different nicotine strengths of high, at 1.8% nicotine, at medium, 1.2% nicotine, low, at 0.6% nicotine and zero percent nicotine, as options for virtually all of their products. When looking at V2 vs. Green Smoke it can easily be seen that Green Smoke offers an additional strength of 2.4% for those who desire a very high level of nicotine. The names may be different, but all bar the top nicotine strength are comparable with each other.
V2 vs. Green Smoke flavours

Having a large array of flavours is one of the surprise hits of electronic cigarettes. Although traditional cigarette flavours are offered, there are also multiple other flavours that are available to enhance your smoking experience. In this area V2 has a larger range of options than Green Smoke does. This is likely because it is a more established company and so has had the opportunity to expand their range to include more exotic flavours such as grape, cherry and cola. Should you prefer more traditional flavours or those such as coffee or vanilla, then Green Smoke varieties offer more than enough choice?
Cartridge lifetimes and refill options

Both V2 and Green Smoke offer standard cartridges that offer the same amount of smoking as a standard pack of cigarettes. Therefore for the cost of five cartridges you can get the same amount of smoking as five packs of cigarettes. Green Smoke also offer longer life cartridges that extend the amount of smoking to a pack and a half, thus increasing the amount of time you can enjoy your electronic cigarette between cartridge changes. If you wish to refill your own cartridges, then you will have to buy V2 e-liquids as Green Smoke do not sell their liquid in bottle form, whereas V2 do and also sell a kit that allows you to carry out your own refills.

What Happens When You Quit Smoking – By The Minute

In the 20 minutes immediately following your last cigarette, your blood pressure and pulse rate begin to return to normal and the circulation to your extremities increases, delivering much needed, oxygen-rich blood.

Eight hours after your last cigarette, the carbon monoxide in your system has been 100% eliminated, replaced by the oxygen your cells need to function normally.

24 hours after your last cigarette, your risk of having a heart attack begins to decrease thanks to the normalization of your heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygenation.

48 hours after your last cigarette, the nerve endings that have been blunted begin to reawaken and your sense of smell and taste begin to re-emerge.

Between two weeks and three months after your last cigarette, your circulation continues to improve and you can now breathe easier. Your lungs now produce less phlegm and your lung function has begun to improve. Your ability to participate in physical activity is greater, as shortness of breath becomes less of an issue.

In one to nine months after your last cigarette, you will notice a significant decrease in your smoker’s cough. Sinus congestion lessens and fatigue and shortness of breath become virtually non-existent. The tiny, hair-like structures that line the interior of your lung cavities become active once more, and your lungs are now functioning much like they did before you began smoking.

One year after your last cigarette, your risk of having a heart attack is less than half of that of a regular smoker.

Between five and 15 years after your last cigarette, you are at no more risk of having a stroke than other non-smokers.

10 years after your last cigarette, your risk of developing lung cancer drops significantly. Additionally, your risk of developing other cancers, such as that of the mouth, throat, esophagus, bladder, kidney and pancreas, significantly decreases. Although you have not smoked a cigarette in 10 years, you still have a higher risk of developing lung cancer than someone who has never smoked, but your risks are significantly decreased than if you had continued smoking.